IIC Refugee and Immigrant Center

Illumine International Community (IIC) is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, nonprofit Refugee and Immigrant Center serving Utah County’s immigrant and refugee communities that contributes to refugee and immigrants’ success in adapting to and understanding how to use their unique cultural background to thrive in America

Illumine looking to volunteer to helping refugees and immigrants in Utah County

Our Team

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Ariunsanaa "Anna" Baasanbyamba

Founder & Executive Director

     Ariunsanaa is originally from Mongolia. She first came to Utah in 2006 to attend university. Although Utah County was a great community, she had a hard time with the language barrier, different legal system, and different culture. For example, in Mongolia, people greet each other by shaking hands. She was not used to Americans who hug all the time. Differences in cultures like this inspired her to create Illumine International Community.

Jeff Scofield

Board Member

  Jeff Scofield began working along side his father Robert in 1995, when they were working out of their tax office in their home. With a love for helping people avoid paying more than their share of taxes, Jeff has studied tax law for individuals and corporations and is currently working on getting his Masters Degree in Taxation.