IIC Refugee and Immigrant Center

Illumine International Community (IIC) is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, nonprofit Refugee and Immigrant Center serving Utah County’s immigrant and refugee communities that contributes to refugee and immigrants’ success in adapting to and understanding how to use their unique cultural background to thrive in America

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IIC Refugee and Immigrant Center offers

IIC offers mentoring programs, multicultural festivals, language classes, financial success classes, an International Women’s Support Group, and International Family Networking Night.

Welcome Mentoring Program

Welcome Program (4 months long) is for people who just came to the USA or have lived under 3 months in the USA - helps with adaptation and learning basic cultural skills

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Adaptation Mentoring Program

Adaptation Program (8 months long) is for people who have lived in the USA between 4 months and one year - deeper immersion in U.S. culture 

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Thriving Mentoring Program

Thriving Program is for people who have been in the U.S. for over one year - provides professional skills, university assistance, home ownership help etc.

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Language classes

IIC Refugee and Immigrant Center recognizes that every person brings an unique background: social, educational, cultural, language, professional, skills, and talents, among others. Lifelong residents of Utah County are also benefited and enriched from them. Cultural exchange is at the heart of IIC’s mission. For that reason, our language class motto is “Teach your native language while you are learning new languages and culture.” IIC sets up classes like Spanish-English, Korean-English, Japanese-English, Arabic-English, Chinese-English, German-English and Russian-English where a volunteer not only teaches English to refugee and immigrant communities, but can learn other languages along the way. The language classes set up 70% speaking and 30% grammar that concentrates on daily situations like: grocery store, bank, transportation, directions, making appointments and more. The intermediate level concentrates on job basic skills and getting a driver's license. The advanced level concentrates on helping immigrants and refugees get into college/ university and get a professional job interview.

Financial success classes

IIC Refugee and Immigrant Center offers free financial success classes where immigrants and refugees will learn how to manage their finances and make better financial decisions. All these classes help refugees and immigrants in their everyday life to become self sufficient.

  • budgeting
  • saving
  • business
  • tax planning and strategies,
  • debt management, protection,
  • begin retirement planning strategies
  • owning a business
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International Women's Support Group

IIC Refugee and Immigrant Center offers an International Women's Support Group where international women meet other international women, make friends and support each other through struggles. International Women's Support Group’s goal is to help a woman be self sufficient in:

  • health and wellness
  • financial literacy
  • nutrition and cooking
  • law and safety

International Family Networking Night (IFNN)

IIC Refugee and Immigrant Center offers International Family Networking Night (IFNN) where immigrants and refugees meet once a month. Families can widen out, stay connected, and have fun with others from around the globe. At the IFNN, Illumine International Community invites local speakers who present lectures about resources that are helpful to international families in the community.